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Il Gin del Baffo, Fresco Botanico, is a gin with a contemporary style. It was born from the passion and desire to share with you all my new idea of Gin - the result of a meticulous study for fresh and genuine flavors. It is characterized by 9 botanicals carefully selected for you: the juniper berries are expertly distilled and then they are combined in infusion with rosemary, mint, sage, lemon, cardamom, red pepper, iris and orange blossom to give an elegant fresh botanical bouquet. This spirit drink will enchant you during moments of conviviality, making you live a real sensory experience ... word of “il Baffo”.

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Thanks to il Gin del Baffo you will enjoy on a journey through the senses and the main monuments of Brescia.

Il Fresco Botanico

La Bella Fes

Baffo's recipes

Really yummy!

Pure tasting

On the nose and on the palate: juniper, sage, mint, rosemary, cardamom, orange blossom, iris, pink pepper and lemon. Mouthfeel: soft and dry. Aftertaste: clean and fresh. Perfect: with tonic water.

Il Gin del Baffo Tonic

For you that love the genuine flavors of Gin and the bubbles of tonic water::

5 cl of Gin del Baffo
10 cl of tonic water
Ice to no end
Topping: lemon or orange zest
Technique: Build
Glass: Ballon

Il Baffo Club

For you who love sweet and refreshing flavors:

4,5 cl of Gin del Baffo
1,5 cl of fresh lemon juice
1,5 cl raspberry syrup
Topping: fresh raspberries
Technique: Shake and Strain
Champagne cup

Il Negroni del Baffo

For you who are a daredevil and like intense flavors:

2 cl of Bitter
3 cl of red Vermouth
4 cl of Gin del Baffo
Ice to no end
Topping: lemon zest
Technique: Build
Glass: Old Fashioned